Matt Darst got hooked on reading early. His addiction to reading took a turn for the worst when he started writing…for fun. His experimentation with notebooks (a classic gateway) led to dabbling with typewriters. Soon he was hitting the hard stuff: word processors.

After law school, he decided to straighten out his life. He went cold turkey. He got a responsible job, a place in Chicago, and a dog. He surrounded himself with all the trappings of a normal life. Still…

Pen and pad call to Matt late at night, cooing his name, telling him to take another hit of fiction. Sometimes, when he’s weak, he heeds the siren call of the drug. He wakes from each blackout amid reams of freshly written pages, pages that have seemingly written themselves.

Matt is the proud son of artists Linda Painter Darst and Donald Darst. Linda’s diverse mediums include pottery and textiles. She is a Texas Master Naturalist and was selected by Early American Life Magazine in its directory of Traditional American Crafts. Donald is an oil painter and served two terms as the Mayor of Grey Forest, Texas.