Dead Things the Novel

Dead Things is set twenty years after a zombie plague.  The United States has been replaced by a puritanical theocracy.  The church governs with an iron fist.  Science and medicine are heresy.  The dead prey on the living who are foolish enough to leave the walls of the church-state.  The recently deceased must be decapitated prior to burial…to avoid an unholy resurrection.

When a small plane crashes places in the unprotected area miles from safety, a motley crew of survivors is forced to flee from madmen and monsters.  Their ultimate survival depends on unraveling the secrets of the plague…and in doing so walking the line of heresy.

Dead Things has been called an “amalgam of Clerks and everything Crichton and Zombieland.”

The ebook is currently available via Amazon and Smashwords.

Visit the official Dead Things website for reviews, news, the press kit, and a free three-chapter download.