Freaks Anon, A Novel

Collection notices. Disapproving looks. Sleeping in a van. Life’s hard for wannabe superhero. Things get harder still when Centurion’s sidekick, Henry, dies.

The police say Henry’s death was an accident. Centurion knows better. Henry’s death is part of a bigger pattern. Someone’s murdering children, kids with extraordinary psychic and physical abilities, across the South and Midwest.

He needs to find the killer fast. In Chicago, his prime suspect has already set her sights on friends Astrid and Kim. But these teens aren’t like anything he’s ever seen. They’re special. Like Henry.

Centurion will face spies, monsters, and the ultimate evil: the Chicago auto pound. If he doesn’t watch out, he might just find he’s the one in need of saving.


Freaks Anon is a paranormal superhero tale. The novel includes the free short story Monument.

A sample chapter is available now. For more information about the book, including reviews, please visit the official page.

All proceeds from Freaks Anon will be donated to charity. Royalties will be catalogued quarterly and donated to Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C).

SU2C is an initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that seeks to get new therapies to patients more quickly and save lives now. SU2C brings together the best and the brightest researchers and encourages collaboration instead of competition among the entire cancer community.

The charity received a grade of A- from Charity Watch in September 2015. Approximately 77% of SU2C’s cash budget is spent on programs versus overhead.

Thank you for helping me stand up to cancer.