So much of the novel Freaks Anon was inspired by music that I replaced the typical chapter format with “tracks,” essentially creating a mix tape within the novel. Each song speaks to events or the them of a chapter.

Track 1. Ripple. The Church. “You’re a human sacrifice…”

Track 2. Apron Strings. Nigel Crown. Some lyrics:

She strangles you with apron strings

Clips the tips of your fledgling wings

You’ll never fly high and wild

No, mother and child

So run, run, run, run, run, run, run

Run from you mum, son…

Since this is a fictionalized song, but I imagine it sharing the feel of Moz’s Everyday is Like Sunday

Track 3. Making Plans for Nigel. XTC.

Track 4. Ugly American Girl. Panic Attack. Another track from Nigel Crown, this one released prior to him going solo. I’d like to think they sounded like The Adverts.

You took my love like a cheap souvenir

A bit reminder of your stay hear

You took a photo to remember my face

Another memory for you to misplace…

Track 5. Sensoria. Cabaret Voltaire. This worked on so many levels for this chapter.

Track 6. Disguises. The Jam.

Track 7. Sound of Thunder. Duran Duran.

Track 8. They Said Tomorrow. Abecedarians.

Track 9. My Death. Scott Walker.

Track 10. Look Back in Anger. David Bowie.

Track 11. Tall Ships Go. Big Country.

Track 12. Louis Quatorze. Bow Wow Wow.

Track 13. Nite Flights. The Walker Brothers.

Track 14. A Means to an End. Joy Division.

Track 15. Crazy Wisdom. Section 25.

Track 16. I Liked You Better When You Were Dead. The Names.

Track 17. Confusion. New Order. “You cause me confusion…”

Track 18. Red Headed Stranger. Willie Nelson.

Track 19. Don’t Change. INXS. Don’t? Or can’t?

Track 20. One Step Ahead. Split Enz.

Track 21. The Endless Sea. Iggy Pop. You’re a failure. “Go home, buddy.”

Track 22. What Goes On. The Velvet Underground. “What goes on in your mind? I think that I am falling down. What goes on in your mind? I think that I am upside down.”

Track 23. Naked Part. Panic Attack. Another original song, this one I imagine sounding a lot like Pulp. Oh, if I could emulate Jarvis Cocker’s wordplay…

I’m no history buff

Got no love for the past

Dates and all that stuff

Never built to last

But when you ring again

My heart skips a beat

You come like a boomerang

Cuz history repeats

CHORUS: I find, I find

Conversation’s a lost art

So lose it and lose your clothes

And let’s get…to the naked part

I can’t, I can’t

Take all the stops and starts

So take off or take it off

And get to the naked part…

Track 24. Talk about the Past. The Wake.

Track 25. Show of Strength. Echo & the Bunnymen. “Guts and passion.”

Track 26. Hero. Neu!

Track 27. Both Ends Burning. Roxy Music.

Track 28. Of All the Things We’ve Made. OMD. “To want this. Of everything we made.”