…and I have an hour or two on my hands to listen to New Order’s Technique, some weird ideas pop into my head. For some reason, I thought it would be cool to reimagine the track listing as novels. This is the result:
New Order Technique Books

There’s lots of hidden (and maybe not so hidden) symbolism in here. Taking it track by track…

Fine Time. This book’s cover is inspired by the lyric, “I’ve met a lot of cool chicks.” You’ll note the reference to Be Music, one of New Order’s pseudonyms.

All the Way. “Parasites and literasites, they’d burn me if they can.” I have no idea what a literasite is. Only songwriter Bernard Sumner knows. My guess is something literary, hence the use as a publisher.

Love Less. “The keeper of a major key, I lived in a town called Liberty.” And there’s a reference to the album: Technique Children’s Classics.

Round & Round. “You think I am crazy, but what can I do; You waste your time, like my money;
It ain’t so funny, but it’s true.” Sounds like a study in criticism to me.

Guilty Partner. Inspired by the old Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books with a reference to the coupling of drummer Stephen Morris and keyboardist Gillian Gilbert. The “No. 5” is a reference to Technique being New Order’s fifth album.

Run. “You work your way to the top of the world.” Hence the art deco Empire State Building. Those familiar with the album’s cover art will get the Peter Saville reference.

Mr. Disco. “Maybe you’d write me a letter, and tell me why I never met you.”

Vanishing Point. I imagined this song as a nautical adventure. The lyrics make mention of the movie “Whistle Down the Wind.”

And finally, Dream Attack, conceptualized as a psychological text book. There’s a Beethoven bust (used by Saville in his artwork for the singles) and a listing of all four original members. Probably the last time we’ll see those names together.

What album would you like to see reimagined as novels?